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  1. Steve and Ted in the Morning

    Latest Audio Clip

    Steve & Ted in the Morning 10-02-15 Hr 3


    45 Years After the Crash, A Shocker Football Remembrance with Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus

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  2. Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

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    10/2/15 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    We're not a constitutional republic, federal republic, or representative republic anymore. We are in a post constitutional republic spinning out of control

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  3. The Good Life

    Latest Audio Clip

    Good Life Show 10-03-15


    Guy talks about Beerfest! Brings high school friend Brian into the studio. Also speaks with George Elder about his farm-to-table dinners. Later on, Guy speask with John Campbell about Odell's Brewing Company. Wine of the week is a Mount Veeder Winery Cabernet

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  4. Issues Program

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    ISSUES 2015 09/27/15


    Rick Stephens and Ed Plopa discuss the Wichita State University football plane crash that killed 31 players, coaches, and friends on Oct. 2, 1970

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  5. Sports

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    Butler Community College vs. Iowa Central 10-3-15


    Butler Community College vs. Iowa Central

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    1. Steve & Ted in the Morning 9/29/11

      Ark City Police Arrest Former Teacher

      olive oil found at 1:13

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