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  1. Steve and Ted in the Morning

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    Steve & Ted in the Morning 03/05/15 Hr 3


    Sports: MVC Arch Madness Starting in St. Louis

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  2. Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

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    3/5/15-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    The federal government was shut down Thursday because of Mother Nature and nobody is complaining

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  3. The Gene Countryman Show

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    The Gene Countryman Show 03/01/15


    Special guests include Bill Warren, discussing the concealed carry laws, and John Batchelor discusses international topics.

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  4. Issues Program

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    Issues 2015 3/8/15


    Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer discusses his eight years in office. Term limits prevent him from running for mayor this year.

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  5. Sports

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    Jody Adams Show 03/02/15


    Jody Adams Show 03/02/15

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    1. Steve & Ted in the Morning 9/29/11

      Ark City Police Arrest Former Teacher

      olive oil found at 1:13

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